How can we help your business?

Vershoes provides tailored solutions for any fashion brand seeking flexibility, strong margins, minimal stock build-up and improved added-value. From just a single pair of shoes to small collections, all labelled with your own brand: insoles, boxes, canvas bags, wrapping paper, shoe sets, and more.

Our services include:

  • Made to Order (MTO): We can deliver your orders one by one, on demand, increasing your sales and eliminating stock build-ups.
  • Capsule collections: Add footwear to your clothing collection, to offer your customers an end-to-end service. This service is offered in Mini Bulk format (10-50 pairs) and Bulk (>50 pairs) (Get our price list).
  • Large-scale orders: Sell shoes in your store, bulk-ordering high-quality footwear at a competitive price (>500 pairs).
  • Tailored online: Sell shoes with your own brand, using the 3D simulator that we can embed in your website, adapting it to your own branding.

Each of these services can be managed via a simple program that allows you to design the shoes, carry out the order and pay for it, and then track the delivery.

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