What makes us unique?

Vershoes offers shoe manufacturing services that meet the needs of any fashion brand:

  • Highest quality guaranteed: Professionally handmade in Spain using the finest lasts and materials, employing the most exacting of quality control processes. Here’s how we work.
  • Unlimited range: Designed using a 3D simulator with millions of potential combinations (SEE HOW IT WORKS).
  • Exclusivity: Add your own brand, patterns, materials or motifs.
  • Flexible production: No minimum order required, start from just one pair of shoes.
  • Competitive prices: Both for individual orders, as well as full collections.
  • There is no set time period for making orders: Order any model, all year round.
  • Delivery time: Five weeks (delivery time for larger orders to be confirmed).
  • In-store delivery service, or direct home delivery.
  • Variety of sizes and widths: Women (EU: 33-44, USA: 3-11.5, UK: 1-9).
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